Owing to new information concerning doubts as to the accuracy for the existing Euratom Treaty in Europe that sets maximum levels of radiation allowable in our environment and maximum levels of radiation that we can ingest based on 1957 standards. It has come to our attention that new scientific theory is beginning to show damage to living sytems that had not been anticipated when Euratom was first set up within the European community.

The Euratom standards are used globally and it is about time that this agreement should be updated to reflect the new data and theories that are being seen within the scientific community.

This web portal is under construction but will have links to the Re- justification of Euratom in Ireland and will also house the basic template for other EU countries.

So far the Re- Justification application has already been made in the UK and Ireland. The Uk application will be placed on this website also.

Any further applications from other EU countries will either be linked to from here or placed within this blog for your perusal and as a matter of transparency .